​​   Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates 


Clinical Supervision
We provide both individual and group supervision  for registered clinical social work interns within the State of Florida. Individual supervision is 1 hour long and provided by appointment.  Interns must spend at least 1,500 hours providing face-to-face psychotherapy in order to reach licensing goals. Clinical Social Work hours can be earned in various capacities.

Florida State Statute outlines that interns must have an hour of supervision for every 15 hours of psychotherapy that they conduct. Minimally interns must have at least one hour of supervision every two weeks. Some of the supervision may be in a group setting; group supervision sessions, however, must alternate with individual. Florida State Statute allows two interns within an "individual" session. 

At the  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute we offer both individual and group sessions for supervision. Our individual sessions are done by appointment, and may be done via SKYPE. Group sessions are offered twice a month in person and twice a month via SKYPE. Those interns participating in group SKYPE must be equip with the SKYPE grouping feature. Group Supervision is limited to 6 interns.

Individual supervision  - $80.00        

Group supervision - $40.00