All clinical services that are provided at the Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute are confidential. This means that no one can receive any information about your mental health records or any other information about you receiving services at  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute without your permission. 

Simply, unless you allow us to speak to someone on your behalf, or a judge signs an order stating that we have to speak to someone without your permission, all of your therapy records are private. 
Florida State Statute makes exceptions to the confidentiality rule. This means that your clinician can break confidentiality when you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else. Additionally, if you are a child or a disabled adult and someone is hurting you we have to tell someone so that you can get help.

Florida State Statute dictates that psychotherapists notify the Department of Children and Families Florida Abuse Hotline when there is an instance of suspected abuse or neglect regarding children, disabled adults or the elderly. We take your safety very seriously. 

Nikki Woller, PhD, LCSW

Specializing in Pediatric Clinical Social Work and Psychology 


Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute