Pediatric Clinical and Forensic Social Work                   Pediatric Mental Health and Educational Evaluations

Complex Mental Health Assessments

Academic Assessments

Neurocognitive Assessments

Sibling Assessments

children ages 0-17 only 

The entire State of Florida

Intake: 561-706-1004
This number will roll over to Dr. Woller's assistant. 
Please be sure to leave a message or text Dr. Woller directly. 
Text: 561-706-1004

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation  West Palm Beach location

4100 Okeechobee Boulevard - Room 170

 West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Inside the ChildNet Building

Intake: Send ChildNet GFA and Referral to

Therapeutic Behavioral Onsite Services

6006 SE Front Road

Belleview, FL 34420

Hands of Mercy Everywhere

Intake: Directly through group home

Boca Raton  -  West Palm Beach - Summerfield  - Belleview - Tampa - Fort Lauderdale

Psychiatric Service Dog & Emotional Support Dog Services Training, Evaluation, & Certification

Marion County

Intake: 561-706-1004
Text: 561-706-1004

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments

Broward County          Lake County

Citrus County              Marion County

Hernando County       Palm Beach County

Hillsborough County   Sumter County

Intake: CPI/DCM sends referral directly to the Lead Agency for the County. If you are requesting that a PBHI clinician specifically complete a CBHA, please inform your Lead Agency CBHA contact directly.   

Outpatient Counseling - Boca Raton location


123 NW 13 Street Suite 222

Boca Raton, Florida 33432

Intake: 561-706-1004

This number will roll over to Dr. Woller's assistant.

Please be sure to leave a message or text Dr. Woller directly. 

Text: 561-706-1004



​   ​Do you need to reach one of our clinicians? 

  Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW                              561-706-1004       

  Shelbi Clemmons, MSW, RCSWI                         561-906-7062       

  Jessica Skoglund-Williams, MSW, RCSWI           515-491-0815       

  Dawn Sinckler-Stevenson, MSW, RCSWI            772-934-1768       

  Jenny Ortega, MSW, RCSWI                                352-299-7493       

  Alexis Schweizer, MS, RMFCI                              305-330--7244      

  Kayla Edmonson, MS, RCMHI                              551-232-1595       

  Dr. Ashley Freiman, PsyD                                      561-245-1223      


Dependency Expert Witness Testimony

The entire State of Florida 

Intake: 561-706-1004
Text: 561-706-1004

Clinical Supervision

Registered Clinical Social Work Interns​​

Intake: 561-706-1004
Text: 561-706-1004

  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute 

       Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates