​​   Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates 



Dr. Nikki Woller and her husband Brett.

Dr. Woller has been in business within the State of Florida since 2006. Over the years she has developed programs that have enhanced the lives of the family that she serves. Dr. Woller brings together a team of outstanding clinicians that have several areas of specialization.  Dr. Woller and her clinicians diagnose, treat and consult with professionals when there are children who present with chronic or acute mental health issues that are causing a disturbance within the family. 

What this means is that if there is a behavior or situation that is bothering or disrupting the families ability to function, we are able to help. 

We know from personal and professional experience how difficult it can be to manage a family with mental health or behavioral issues. Dr. Woller and her husband have raised two children with special needs. Both have finished high school, attended college and lead very happy and productive lives.  

Dr. Woller and her staff are also forensic dependency specialists. They work with foster children and the professionals that support them within the State of Florida. Dr. Woller and her staff are called to consult on complex child abuse cases, provide therapeutic supervised visitation, provide reunification services, sibling assessments, infant mental health assessments, academic and neurocognitive assessments. They are also considered expert witnesses. 

Having a Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr. Woller has been trained to conduct complex mental health assessments. Because Dr. Woller is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, her assessments are grounded in the "person in environment theory" of social work. Unlike traditional psychological assessments, Dr. Woller's assessments pinpoint areas of difficulty, explain how this difficulty affects the person "in the real world" and then map out potential solutions to help within this area. 

Dr. Woller's real-life experience melded with clinical experience is where innovative treatment methods come into play. Dr. Woller can offer you real solutions to the problems that you are facing, helping you and your family to become the most fabulous that you are capable of being. 

Dr. Woller's practice is a University teaching facility. She has welcomed graduate students from several Universities within the State of Florida to work with clients within her practice. She is also a qualified clinical supervisor for post graduate registered clinical interns in both mental health counseling and clinical social work. 

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