​​   Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates 


E-therapy is psychotherapy that is done face to face online via Skype. E-therapy is very much like therapy in the office with the exception that the client has the ability and control of where they are during the psychotherapy session. We offer E-therapy for adolescents, parents of children with chronic mental illness and adults. 

Cost of E-therapy
The  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute is located in Florida. The  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute therapist's will be providing services from our Florida location. E-therapy allows you to virtually travel to Florida for psychotherapy services. Insurance coverage for E-therapy depends upon the insurance plan that you have. In some cases clients will pay a co-pay for services. In other cases, out of state benefits are not allowed. If your insurance does not cover this service you will qualify for our sliding scale fee. Most clients on our sliding scale pay between $60.00 and $80.00 an hour for services.