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Gifted testing starts at $600.00

Gifted Testing

Everyone is gifted in some area of life. Some are gifted musically, artistically, or athletically. Others are academically  gifted. Gifted testing is used to determine whether or not a child meets the criteria to enter the gifted programs with the public school system. 

Meeting the criteria for the gifted program varies depending upon where you live. Most areas within Florida require that a child have an IQ of 130 or greater in order to enter the gifted program at school. Within Palm Beach County, Florida there are two criteria's that a child must meet in order to receive consideration for gifted placement. First the child must have an IQ of 130 or greater. Secondly, they must score within the 90th percentile on the reading or math achievement tests given during the testing and assessment process.   

In order to determine whether or not a child meets the clinical criteria of gifted we administer the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, Fifth Edition and the Woodcock Johnson III. We prepare a comprehensive report for you to provide to your school's ESE department. 

The school will then review the information that is provided and make a determination whether or not gifted placement is warranted. It is important to know that only the school board can make the gifted placement decision. Many times they also consider the behavior of the child prior to making a placement change.