Homework will be scored as follows: 

5 = fully completed                   3 = partially completed; over 50 %            1 = not turned in

                                                 3 = fully completed and late                       1 = under 50% completed


Classwork and Classroom participation will be scored as follows: 

5 = attended and fully completed classwork                3 = attended class and partially completed classwork; over 50 %            1 = did not participate

** Students who are absent and excused do not receive a participation grade for the day that they are not in class. 

​​   Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates 


Grades in this course will consist of homework assignments, projects, classwork assignments, quizzes, and tests. In order to maximize your ability to learn the material, homework and classwork are expected to be completed.


Homework is worth 30 percent of your grade. Due dates for assignments will be assigned at the time that the homework is assigned.

Classwork/Classroom Participation:

Classwork/Classroom Participation is worth 30 percent of your grade.

Class Projects:

Class projects are worth 15 percent of your grade. A grading rubrics will be provided with each project.


Quizzes and Tests are worth 25 percent of your grade.