Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute 

       Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates


              Pediatric Clinical and Forensic Social Work                   Pediatric Mental Health and Educational Evaluations


How do I make an appointment?
Appointments are made directly through our clinicians. For the benefit of our clients, our clinicians use their cell phones to conduct business. The voicemails to each of our clinicians are confidential. If you are unable to contact your clinician, please call Dr. Woller directly by email, telephone or text at 561-706-1004. Her telephone rolls over to her assistant, Brett at 561-715-5910 when she is not available. Please make sure to leave a message of some sort. Due to her limited time, Dr. Woller does not return calls unless there is a message left for her either via text or voicemail. 
When will my clinician call me back?

Your clinician will call you back as soon as they are available. This usually means the same day. If you do not leave a voicemail or text message, your clinician will not call you back. PBHI clinicians do not call back "missed numbers."

Our telephone call return policy. 

Our Executive Director,  Nikki Woller likes to speak to each new prospective client to fully understand the problem that you are having. She will then match you with the right clinician. 

If Dr. Woller does not answer, it is because she is with another client, in Court or teaching a class. This is Dr. Woller's cell phone number. It does not ring to an answering service or secretary. The line is confidential and secure. Please feel free to leave a message. Dr. Woller or her Associate will return your call as promptly as possible. If you have an issue is of an urgent nature, please call Dr. Woller's personal assistant Brett at 561-715-5910. He will page Dr. Woller if need be.