​​   Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates 


Adolescents and Teen Psychotherapy
Adolescents growing up in a technology age present with unique challenges. At the  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute we have the training, clinical skills, and practical experience to be able to help teens and their families in managing the challenges that are impacting there lives. 

Many times teens today present with immaturity, poor impulse control, disorganization, appear to be self centered, and loose control of there anger. They can be defiant, influenced by others and seem to have difficulty making or keeping quality friends. 

Other teens have difficulty with picking up on social cues, maintaining there grades at school, have tantrums, rage, show a lack of respect, and have an adherent difficultly following rules or limits. 

At times, adolescents will emotionally shut down or withdraw, use drugs, cut themselves, are addicted to the computer, refuse to go to school and seem to lose interest in things that they have enjoyed to do before. 

Adolescents behave in these ways due to numerous reasons. Some of them have developed organic emotional conditions that they genetically inherited, such as depression, anxiety or bipolar illness. Some are victims of trauma or abuse, bulling or have questions about their sexuality. Some teens are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex or pornography. Other teens have gotten involved with friends or crowds that have influenced them in a negative manner. Some simply lack discipline or proper emotional development that would help them navigate the teen world in which they live. 

Despite the reason, we can help. We use our clinical skills combined with family engagement in order to help teens turn their behaviors in a new direction.  Parents are extremely involved with the therapeutic process, being trained by the therapist in techniques that will help at home, in order to ensure that  the therapeutic environment continues throughout the week when the child is at home.