​​   Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates 


Wrapping it up.

We learned the difference between auditory and visual hallucinations, why and how this occurs, and what can be helpful or not helpful to the person. We got to see the other symptoms that we learned about today. We got to see a new treatment and compare it to the electric shock therapy treatment that we saw last semester. We were able to hear stories of those inflicted with Schizophrenia and learn at what age the people got sick. 

We have no homework this week. I want you to start your new classes. We will begin homework again next week.

: )  Dr. Woller 

Today we are going to build on everything that we have learned so far in Psychology. Last semester we ended, learning about perception and perceptual disorders. Today we are going to start to learn about what happens in the brain when the perceptual disorders become severe.


Psychopathology or Abnormal Psychology is the study of chronic mental illness. 



One such illness is called Schizophrenia - "The splitting of the mind". 

There are several forms of schizophrenia. Someone living with schizophrenia has both "positive and negative symptoms"

Positive Symptoms: Symptoms that are added to your normal thinking or well being.

  Hearing Voices, Difficulty .Expressing Thoughts, Odd Movements, False Beliefs (delusions)

Negative Symptoms: Symptoms that are missing from your normal thinking or wellbeing. 

   Lack on Emotions, Lack of Personal Hygiene, Lack of Socialization, Lack of Motivation

Schizophrenia is treated by medication and therapy.