Homework 2


Types of Psychology 



  Pediatric Behavioral Health Institute 

       Dr. Nikki Woller, Ph.D., LCSW & Associates




Watch the following videos on the History of Psychology. Be ready to discuss the videos in class. 

Today we went finished our module on "Types of Psychology". We used our homework to discuss what we learned about the psychology that we wrote about. As a class, we spoke about the following fields of psychology: animal, military, health, personality, developmental, clinical and social. We then quickly went through the Types of Psychology PowerPoint that Dr. Woller put together.  


Afterward, Dr. Woller introduced our next module; the History of Psychology. Psychology started all the way back in 387 BC. Dr. Woller assigned us our psychology fields based on our professional goals for our future. The list is below in case you forget which psychology you are supposed to learn about. 


Psychology - The scientific study of behavior and mental processes
Behavior - Any action that someone can observe and measure

Critical Thinking and General Understanding

Have a general understanding of the different types of psychology and what it is that they do in the field. Types of Psychology Powerpoint

We are going to create a "field of psychology" page for each of you as the year progresses. 

Dr. Woller assigned a Psychology type for you today. We are going to start by learning the history of that type of psychology.  We are going to learn about your psychologist and your assigned field over the course of this semester. We are going to creat a brochure on this type of psychology. As we find interesting information about your psychologist/group we are going to add these to your brochure.

I want you to use pictures, videos, 
and articles that you find online about your field of psychology. Think creatively. Then we will put all of your articles, pictures, and videos onto your brochure. 

This week we are going to start by creating a timeline about how your assigned type of psychology started and research the original clinician that began that type of psychology. There are 3 examples of timelines that you can choose from, or you can design your own timeline. I also attached a blank timeline template for you if you would like to use it. 

Once you choose the timeline that you want to use, research the history of your assigned psychology.

Create a timeline of the history. You DO NOT have to do the entire history this week, just a start of it. 

Add 5-6 historical facts about the beginning history of your field and the psychologist that began that section of psychology. 

Make sure to include:

   1. When did this type of psychology become its own field? 

   2. Who started that particular field of psychology and where? 

   3. Why did they start that field of psychology?

   4. Two or Three more historical facts that you think is interesting.